Monday, June 2, 2008


Today I was at work for my uncle mowing lawns at his appts. I ride a huge lawn mower that is really fast and works with levers instead of a steering wheel. When I first saw it and had the chance to opperate it, I was reminded of power rangers. The machine is much like when the power rangers go into battle in their vehicles. Once the battle is getting out of hand, the power rangers all merge their vehicles together to form a monster, transformer, goliath, of a warrior. This is what the lawn mower looks like. Anway, 2 weeks had past now and I was kicking some major grass... until today. It was a typical day and I was feeling good. I had my nalgine in the beasts cup holder, and my weapon of choice (weed wacker) on my lap for easy access incase of a major 411 ( grass covered sprinkler head). I had this in the bag. Carefully I was watching the rain gutters to avoid any unwanted interference, and then CRASH! I had no idea what had happened. It had come out of no where, the noise was the evidence that something misfortunate had definately happend, but where? I had my eye on the rain gutter the entire time! And there were no wires around that could have been whipped from the wall. Unable to look behind me because the bladder of the beast was too large to see over. I got off the mower and beheld the innocent slaughter of an appartment window. I had been blinded by my confidence. I had gone into battle concentrating on the obvious, but never thought to look past the path into the surrounding obsticles practicing their guerilla warfare techniques with precision. Running with confusion and fear weighing me down I found the man incharge and stuttered, "Uh, there is a huge hole in the side of the building where a window used to be because I drove through it with the lawn mower, even though you told me a million times to be careful...." as fast as I could. All I could think for the next 2 hours was, "good one chrissy, good one."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthdays, Pretzels, And Spiderman

I just recently went to New York with My sister Katie to meet up with my other sister Rach and her dentist. It was great. I decided that I would never want to live in New York unless I could live in one of the way fancy apartments across the street from the Met museum and central park. But then again if I could live in one of those apartments I could afford to live anywhere and wouldnt be in New York anyway. While we were there people thought it was crazy how similar me and my sisters looks were. (which is stupid since their first question was, are you sisters, which would imply you would think that we would look alike.) I wish our other sister megster could have come, cause then we really would have blown the New Yorkers minds with quadruplets.
In the first photo I am doing a birthday dance in my birthday red boots. (katie thinks they are funny and dared me to wear them around town all day. I did. Her plan backfired since she was more embarrassed to be around me than I was wearing them.) The second picture is a homeless man dressed as spiderman. The third photograph is me with a moderately famous person. And the fourth photo is me eating the second best burger in america.
It was really cool of my sister Rach, and her dentist to let us stay with them for awhile and to take us to the horse races, etc. And it was REALLY cool of my sister Katie to fly all the way out to New York and be my "mom". ( even though I didnt act like it, I really did appreciate her looking out for me and making sure I didnt step in anything gross on the sidewalks.) Also we got to go make some pretzels at my aunts new store. I probably wont ever eat one again, but I sure do like to make em'. Anyway, it was great seeing everyone and I had an awesome trip.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


No matter how convincing your friends can be, dont watch this....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Delicate Arch.
This past weekend I went on a trip to Arches National Park. It was a way fun trip, and extremely random since me and my friends didnt decide to go until thursday night. The only problem with the lack of planning, was that we ended up sleeping at some elementary playground on the wood chips cause the sprinklers came on whem we were on the grass.

I do have to say that Arches is probably one of the coolest places I have ever been. There probably were more tourists from switzerland and Japan than any other place that I have been. Not only were the arches great, the people there were in their own catagory of greatness. I didnt realize that when I went to see Delicate Arch at sunset the real show was going to be the people there. There was one guy that felt like he needed to run around the steep cliff surrounding all of us and the Arch. He obviously needed to get from one point to the other at intense speeds, even if he was gambling with a 100 ft drop. There was also a Japanese man that was totally unimpressed with the Arch because he seemed to take a picture of everything except the arch. I felt bad for the guy cause at first I thought that he just hadnt noticed it yet, since he was looking at the rocks surrounding the base of the Arch. Slowly his niave-ness was getting on my nerves and I started to wisper in an inspirational tone"look up....look up....". Im sure that he heard me because where the Arch was located the surroundings served as a microphone and you could pretty much hear every conversation going on. Needless to say, the guy finally looked up. There was also a Swiss woman that felt it was her job to regulate how much "arch time" people got. If you took more than 2 pictures under the arch you could bet that you were going to get the wrath of the Swiss. Oh and also there was some punk-nugget kid that thought he would try and deface the Arch with his name infront of a bunch of Moab hippies. I thought he was going to get stoned or thrown off the edge of the cliff.

Anyway I strongly suggest going and checking this National Park out, it was awesome, maybe plan a place to stay though if you go.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Logan is great. This is me at the top of the Wind Caves hike and this picture was taken on my 105th pushup, I was just warming up to do another 200 of them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

alright, im over it.....

Yeah snow is great, for about 2 months. Im over it, bring on spring baby!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


(k well this is such a gross picture and taken after I had been driving for 10 hours that day, but I thought that it did my tongue justice.)

Aight so I was tagged awhile ago, and I figured now was a great time to respond.

What Were you Doing 10 Years Ago:

Ten years ago I was turning 9 and that would mean that I was in the last bit of my 3rd grade year. Which also means that I had a rad bike that had flames on it. (I wish I had the picture on my comp cause I would totally post it since it is definately posting worthy.) My sister was getting married and all I knew about the situation was that I had to wear a dress and I was not happy about it. Especially since her color was some shade of purple. I thought my dads new riding lawn mower was the coolest thing in the world and I planned that the next time that I ran away I would take that as transportation. I was starting to compete in piano competitions and kicking some serious trash in them.

5 Things On My To-Do-List For the Day

1) Go to class (sounds simple but is really difficult.)

2) Take a nap

3) Go to gym

4) Grocery shop

5) Chill with Roomies

Snacks I Enjoy:

1) Dried Plums (which in all reality is prunes but I find that people accept them with this other name)

2) Soy Beans

3) Big Hunks

4) Chips and Salsa

If I Were Suddenly A Billionaire:

I would move out of my dorm.....

3 Bad Habbits

1) I bite my fingernails when nervous

2) Tend to not be able to look people straight in the eye for more than a few seconds

3) Procrastinate

5 Jobs I have Had:

1) Pooper-scooper

2)Movie theatre ticket ripper (I hated this job and often liked to mess with the people going to a movie by saying "movie is on the left" but then point to my right and watch them shuffle step for a bit until they figured it out on their own.)

3) Filling invoices for Kencraft.

4) Telemarketer (I wasnt very good at this job because phone calls were only supposed to last for 3 minutes and I would always end up getting some old lonely guy that just wanted to talk to someone so I would just let them talk. One guy was telling me about some nurse lady that he had a crush on and how he got robbed awhile back and stabbed.)

5) Working at wedding receptions

5 Things people dont know about me:

1) I have a really long tongue and have these crazy bone things that stick out underneath it. Its kinda gross but I am sure that I have a picture somewhere that I can post of it.

2) I like to draw even though I never show anyone anything that I draw.

3) At one point in highschool I could do 64 pushups.

4) When I was little I wasnt allowed to watch Batman or TMT because my mom said I got violent after and would break furniture.

5) Our neighbors used to have horses and I used to stand on the fence and wait for one to jog by and jump on it and ride it bare back with my friend Taylor.

The end.